Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Just found out I'm not going to be going to school for a semester. Not something I decided, but I'm ok with it. I'd been leaning towards taking a semester off, but probably wouldn't have made the decision myself. So I'm kind of glad that they made the decision without me. This will probably free me up to do more writing, like I haven't already. And, it'll give me time to straighten out my circadian rythym dysfunction, which has gotten pretty bad lately, hence the posts dating from anywhere fom 2 am to 6 am.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Achievements of a Fallen Vampire: The Shade

Second installment of Achievements of a Fallen Vampire. Expect the next installment, Part Three: Necromancy, in a few days.

Xadian stood by, puzzled. Berith was a Fallen Vampire, and therefore should not be able to use his powers. As he opened his mouth to inquire Berith held up his sword.

“This sword was given to me by a very dear friend. It once belonged to Sade Star-Light.”

This made sense. Sade Star-Light was a very powerful vampire known for imbuing her weapons with her power using magic. It was sort of irrelevant for powerful vampires to do so as they were usually lords, and the position of a lord came with its own special weapon, which was also imbued with power. Although looking back Xadian regretted not doing so himself and hiding the weapon.

They looked around, surveying the street, which was littered with bodies. A bit of dust swirled between them, left over from the bandits who had been disintegrated. They looked at each other. Then they started walking.

Part Two: The Shade

Another two years passed. Xadian still journeyed with Berith. They had had many adventures. They had made friends and enemies. They never stopped traveling. Then came the day of the shade.

They were spending the night in a village by the name of Reth, after a long day of walking. They had booked rooms in an inn for the night, and were already in bed. As Fallen they had some resistance to the sun, a leeway of an hour or so. But they still adhered to the rituals of full vampires and slept during the day and woke at sunset. Then, as the sun was setting and a few minutes before they would normally have woken, they were woken by shouts from the streets. Berith yelled from his room and asked Xadian if he could look out the window in his own.

As he did so he took a minute for his eyes to adjust to the light. When they had, he looked on a scene of horror. Buildings that had hours earlier stood tall were now strewn across the streets, torn down by something of extreme strength. Dozens of bodies littered the streets, in various states of mutilation. It appeared that something had torn through mere moments before.

Fallen Vampire

Second installment of Achievements of a Fallen Vampire is done, but I don't fell like messing with the damn auto format right now. At the moment, if I copy and paste it on here, half of it is two font sizes smaller than the rest, and there's still the issue of the spacing. Damn spacing. So, I will probably put it up tomorrow.