Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nothing really....

Got my computer back a week ago. This is the first time I've both remembered and had the time to post. I have three stories planned out. One of them is the sequel to Tournament of the Clans I mentioned in the last post, the second is the sequel to the sequel, and the third is one of the sequels to Achievements of a Fallen Vampire, which I still have to finish. I'm working on the sequel to Tournament of the Clans right now, it should be done within the month or so. Then I'll finally finish off Xadian's storyline. And then I'll finish Fallen Vampire and start work on the sequel, which has the potential to be at least twice the size of Tournament of the Clans, depending on how I play it out and how long I can keep going on it. Whenever I finish the two sequels to Tournament of the Clans, I'm probably going to make a seperate blog for the entire series, then throw anything that is canon to Xadian's storyline in there.