Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shade Within, and Undead Online

Well, it's been a few months. I had actually written a story a little more than a month ago with the intent of putting it on here, but it ended up being probably the most depressing story I've ever written, so I never did anything with it. Finally I got up off my lazy butt and wrote something else. This will probably be the last thing I post here until early November. I'm taking part in National Novel Writing Month this year(Again, but we'll not talk about last year, as it's forever tainted in my mind), and will be attempting an Action Semi-Sci-Fi by the name of Undead Online. I will post at least the first chapter here when I get the chance, and quite possibly up to chapter six. But, that's for a month from now, and for now, I have a short story.

Without further ado, this is:

Shade Within

The summonings had pecked into their target. Bhaskara was able to tell from the way the darkness quivered around him, the magic words echoing into them, transformed into sound in ears far, far away. It took less than a minute. His foe melted from the deepest shadow, one inky and black and somehow solid.

The city lived on around them, lights twinkling in windows visible from their rooftop like stars in a night sky, distant, but seemingly within reach. But Bhaskara knew in a few minutes they wold be out of reach forever. Itzal silenced the lighted panes with a wave of his hand, the entire city suddenly dark around them, its inhabitants immediately terrified, in fear of being infected with the darkness, the madness of the shade. But there was no need. Though Itzal could take them all in an instant, that wasn't what he was there for.