Friday, March 23, 2012

New story

Got a new story that I literally just wrote. Completely spontaneous and it took like five minutes to research. It's set in MineCraft, which I have never played. I've known about the Endermen for a while but never really thought about writing a story about them. Until about half an hour ago that is. So, here's Attack of the EnderMan.

Attack of the EnderMan
So I was in The End with a buddy, mining and building a house. Two blocks high cause, you know. I had hit a good bit of steel and was about to call my buddy over to come help. I turned around, and there was this huge black THING. It was was so tall that I was looking at its legs. It was an effing Enderman. And in the daylight too. Must be a bug, I think. Then I look down and my building buddy's lying on the ground, the blocks around him turning red. Huh, don’t remember them ever doing THAT before.

Well, I turn around and walk away, cause you know the things only attack you if you look 'em in the eyes. I got a bad feeling, like a stomach ache, so I turned around, and it was FOLLOWING me. I mean, it was a couple steps away, and coming closer. So, I open the menu, and build a tower. Four blocks high like they're supposed to be, then I climb it. I turn around and it's still following me, even though I haven't looked it in the eye. Yet.

So, I look it in the eye, just to make it mad. Bad idea. Y'know, they aren't supposed to be able to reach that high, but its arms like stretched out, and PULLED me off the tower. Then, it holds me down, its mouth opening. Scary, right? Well, I pull out my trusty diamond sword, and give it a few whacks. NOTHING. And, it's just holding me there, and the textures around its mouth and eyes are changing. It almost looks like it's smiling. Wtf is this?

I'm still whacking it, and it's still not dying like the good Enderman it's supposed to be. I better get a great item for this, not one of those damn Ender Pearls. So, it finally lets me up, but it's still not dead. So, I'm scared. I run for my house, or at least what I have finished. I mean seriously, I haven't even started on the second story or the pool. I walk in, and I think, “Whew, I'm safe.” You know, they can't fit anywhere that's less than three blocks high. Or so I thought. It SHRINKS, so that it's only two high. It tears the door off, and walks right in. Now, I'm really scared. I'm desperately looking down at its legs, trying not to make it even madder. No dice. It picks me up and holds me. I hit the menu, desperate. I spawn some water, and THROW it at the Enderman. Nothing. Nada. It didn't even flinch. That's when I think, “I'm dead.” It turns around with me, and throws me out the door.

I'm still alive, somehow. Not even a bit of damage. That's when I look over and there's this little block of wood with a rope hanging from it, and my friends got his neck in a little circle. What. The. Hell. Then, like a prayer, this little purple bar pops up at the top of my vision. The Enderdragon! I switch to my bow, look around for the Enderman, and wait. They're both getting closer, and then I shoot the Enderdragon. It divebombs for me, and I run behind the Enderman. There's no way it could survive this.

It grabbed it. The effing Enderman grabbed the Enderdragon. It opened its mouth, and it bit the Enderdragon's head off. The purple bar disappears, and this portal pops up like three hundred feet away. THE PORTAL! A way out of this. I start running for it.

You know how, if you get an Enderman mad, and then a mob gets it mad, it'll kill the mob and leave you alone? Not here. It came right after me. There we were, Him right behind me, and both of us racing for the portal. A hundred feet, then fifty. I'm thinking, I might make it out of here. Then, this purple sparkle pops up in front of me. And I know I'm dead.

It teleported in front of me. Right in front of me. I literally ran into it. It picked me up, and it threw me aaaaaallllll the way back to my house. I landed on my stomach and lost about half my health. It came after me, its hands held in front of it. It had a rock the size of me.

I tried to get up, but it was like my character was stuck to the ground. Or maybe my key was broken. Either way, I couldn't stop it from getting closer. Finally, it was standing over me. It held the rock above me. It dropped it.

I respawned in the Overworld. I didn't go back to The End for a few days, and whenever I saw an Enderman, I ran right the hell away. Who knows where the thing will pop up next time. Finally, I had to go back to The End. My house was still there. The bastard had turned it pink.