Monday, November 21, 2011

Fallen Vampire Bio

A short bio I wrote up five minutes ago as a test for a story I'm going to be writing soon. It wil be set in, as the bio notes, a completely new world for me. I think it's a bit of a detour from the usual Xadian Night-Shade. Being a Fallen Vampire actually kind of suits him, I think. A wampir, by the way, is what I'm calling fallen vampires, since without their powers they are technically a new race. Basically half a vampire. I'm intentionally leaving it short, because I want the world to be fresh and clean when I start.

Xadian Night-Shade (Fallen Vampire)
Type: Theoretical Character
Race: Wampir
Rank: None, formerly a Lord.
Title: None, formerly Lord of Absolute Darkness
First Appearance: None yet, soon though.
Ability/Abilities: None, he was stripped of his control over shadows when he was banished from the Council.
Weapons: A plain sword, which he was given after he was banished.
Age: 312
Description: 5'10, black hair that hangs down to his shoulders, medium build. Cold, blue eyes.
Notable Battles: None yet.
Background: An experimental character that hails from a completely new world of mine, a darker place where an omnipotent and faceless Vampire Council rules over the world. The vampires enjoy a seat of power over other races, with the exception of the werewolves, who rule the northern wastes, a frigid tundra where nothing grows. I got the idea for this from a manga called Record of a Fallen Vampire. I have yet to actually read any of it, but the description gave me ideas...

Xadian enjoyed a lofty and powerful position on the Vampire Council, before he opposed a decision that would have benefited the vampires as a race, but at severe cost to the humans and other races. As a result, he was stripped of his position and powers, his forehead was branded with the mark of fallen vampires, and he was cast away, with nothing but his clothes and a sword. But are his powers really gone? He will find out as he attempts to survive in a world that hates him, set against by the Council at every turn. Can he survive as the Council attempts to make survival impossible, and can he exact revenge on those who cast him away? And is everything as it seems in this world?

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