Monday, November 14, 2011

Found it. And Xadian Life-Stealer Bio.

Was watching Howl's Moving Castle yesterday, and realized Howl looked alot like what I envisioned Xadian Life-Stealer looks like. I've been trying to find a good image for this character since I came up with him. He's actually version 1.0 of Xadian Night-Shade. They're kind of the same character, in a way.

I could not believe how much they look alike. Posting the Bio for him too.


Xadian Life-Stealer

Type: Full Character

Race: Vampire

Rank: Lord

Title: Lord of Intense Focus

First Appearance: The Vampire War

Ability/Abilities: Telekinesis

Weapons: Twin katanas, 3’0 blades, with the Chinese symbol for “Focus” engraved in the blades/ Scythe, 3’6 removable blade with crescent moon engraved on both sides, 5’0 handle with plain katana hidden inside/ Hidden katana inside handle, plain, 3’0 blade, detaches from handle at press of a button.

Age: ???

Description: 5’10, blue eyes, blonde hair, medium build

Notable Battles: None that have been written yet.

Background: First appearing in The Vampire War, Xadian Life-Stealer is, in essence, the same individual as Xadian Night-Shade , despite the two having different titles, descriptive names, hair and eye color, weapons, and abilities. Life-Stealer first got his start in an online role play that never actually got started. He is extremely powerful, and is the direct predecessor to Xadian Night-Shade. The next several parts of this bio are directly from the role play that spawned Life-Stealer. He has since been (majorly) updated, so the role play bio is mostly obsolete.

Name: Xadian Life-Stealer

Race: Vampire
Rank: Vampire Lord

Age: looks 17, but no one really knows except him, although he often mentions chatting with Dracula.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight, although he doesn't have much time for romance.

Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin(duh), 5'9, skinny, most often seen with his trademark scythe or swords in his hands, I'll try to find a good image.

Bio: No one really knows much about him, all we know is that he showed up at a Vampire Lords meeting in 1470 and sat down in the Vampire Kings chair. The King came back and the most insane battle any of the Lords had ever seen started. Xadian left that meeting a Lord and the King didn't leave at all.

Skills: Absolutely amazing, he could win a war by himself, WITHOUT his scythe.
Powers: Telekinesis, the ability to create shock waves.
Weapons: A scythe and dual swords, not that he needs them.
Weaknesses: There are a few materials his telekinetic powers can't penetrate, such as tungsten, lead, and tin(tinfoil hats anyone?), his shock waves take a ton of energy, he's not the fastest vampire, if you drug or poison one of his victims he gets real sick, if you somehow manage to capture him you can starve him.

Personality: Mysterious, playful, serious when needed. He treats fights like play dates.
Likes: Fighting, training, making weapons, music, kittens.
Dislikes: Druggies(can't stand the taste), mice, guns, dying.
Aims (What would they do if they got the weapon?): Lock it away until he needs to use it, study it.

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