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This should give people an idea of where I was going with The Organization. For one, this bio actually ties in with the story, it's not something I did for fun. So they actually were being investigated.

Requested reports on living members of Organization, generation 193, post-mission codename “Malek”. Reports on dead members to follow when possible. As requested, intense magical examinations of location of final encounter have yielded a believable chain of events. Shortly before the deaths of eleven of the members, it is believed that “Malek” was wounded. However, as intended, Malek was able to eliminate most of the team as they started a final attack, by means of a large magical explosion. However, two of the team, “Xadian Night-Shade” and “Xeras Swift-Fang”, were able to deduce what was going to happen and managed to raise magical barriers in time to survive. Malek fled. The two awoke hours later, as the sun was rising. They performed what they call “The final rights”, a primitive magic that they use to dispose of the bodies. Unfortunate, as the scientists would have liked to have samples from the bodies. As expected, the weapons were taken as well. Thus concludes the report on the events taking place during the final encounter, following are the initially requested reports on the living members of this generation.

Xadian “Night-Shade”

Widely thought of as the most powerful member of the Organization in more than a hundred generations, Xadian is a vampire. He chose the name “Night-Shade” due to one of his abilities, which gives him more control over darkness than other vampires and even most other creatures. He is an accomplished swordsman, archer, and hand-to-hand fighter. His weapon is the Organization’s samurai sword, which is imbued with intense powers, the most notable of which is the intensification of shadows, which, when added to the subject’s current abilities in this field, makes him the most powerful shadow manipulator since the Ancient Rakir was defeated two thousand years ago. It is not known why he refuses to use these powers, which should have allowed him to defeat Malek easily. Other notable aspects are his eyes, which are pitch black and can hypnotize those who look into them. In addition to this, his strength and speed are greatly increased when compared to that of other vampires of his ability. As to his history, he was born one hundred years ago, and was bitten roughly eighty ago. Even before this he had been trained almost obsessively, to the point that the Organization members that trained him simply schooled him in the finer points of magic before allowing him to join, even going so far as to say that there was nothing left for them to teach him, and that he would last a hundred generations before falling in battle. Something that has become a little more possible in the light of recent events. Since his initiation he has trained countless members, none of which had a fraction of his power and, consequently, never lasted long.

Another interesting point is the rumors surrounding him, such as the thought that he has wings, and that he commands a legion of shadow beings.

He is considered extremely dangerous and should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Xeras “Swift-Fang”

Xadian’s second-in-command, Xeras an interesting specimen. His father was a vampire of little power, while his mother was a phantom, again of little power. Due to this, he is unhindered by contact with sunlight, but is restricted from the usual phantoms abilities. He is still able to turn invisible, and walks as silently as a regular phantom, but cannot manipulate energies to control temperature and his state of being. Despite this, he is quite powerful, and is able to use the phantom abilities of speed to greater effect than most full blooded phantoms. As such, he is the Organization’s lead scout. He is also one of the most proficient users of magic in this generation. His weapons are a pair of knives that enhance his magical abilities. Now for his history. He was born roughly seventy years ago, the source of his youth lies in lineage, his mixture of phantom and vampire blood allows him a very long life, but not immortality. His most notable abilities are his speed and great resistance to stress, which allow him to run at speeds nearing mach one. He has also been known to use his fangs to his advantage, biting almost cheerfully in battle, whereas other vampires are almost repulsed by the thought of this. He is considered highly dangerous, and should be eliminated as soon as possible. This should be difficult, as Xadian has a deep respect for the subject, and would die to protect him.

Kale “Straight-Arrow”

The youngest member of this generation, and the only human left, Kale is childish and immature. He is prone to rash decisions, and is quick to use a weapon when a calm word would suffice. But beneath this lies a cunning fighter, and a master archer. He started his training at the age of thirteen, and quickly became an outcast, having none of the abilities of the other recruits. He lacks ability with a sword, is not strong like the others, and has no powers. However, he soon gained respect through his cunning strategies, and his ability with a bow, which soon earned him the only long range weapon in the Organization’s arsenal, a bow with a silver string. The bow allows him to hit a target from more than a thousand feet away, and shoots several types of arrow, such as exploding arrows and fire arrows. He is considered a mild risk, and should be eliminated only if the chance provides itself.


All files pertaining to subject 1021, AKA Zane, are highly classified, and cannot be accessed by anyone without at least Level 4 clearance. This report has been given a red flag and will be investigated.

A few facts about The Organization. Xeras was originally going to be a werewolf. I have no idea where this vampire phantom hybrid idea came from. I also don't know why I'm calling werewolves lycans. These days I have a distinction between the two.
The Organization is inspired by Audience of One, by Rise Against.

This was the first story that Xadian Night-Shade was in. Xadian as a character got his start as Xadian Life-Stealer( At first Xadian Halo-Giver,  a name I am ashamed of. Which is weird, because I originally came up with Xadian Life-Staler for an online roleplay, and he wasn't named Halo-Giver.) in The Vampire War, I think. (The bastard gets around.)

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