Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crow Shade-Slayer

Crow Shade-Slayer (Main Stream)

Type: Full Character

Race: Vampire

Rank: Rogue

Title: None, for now.

First Appearance: Tournament of the Clans is his first written appearance, he was supposed to be another before then, as a slightly different character.

Ability/Abilities: Shadows, maybe more.

Weapons: Twin Katanas, 4.5 feet long each. And, he's stolen one of Xadian's ShadeSwords. The one that goes with his job, specifically.

Age: Less than 75... I’m not ready to clarify.

Description: 5'10, black hair, black eyes, medium build. A lot like Xadian.

Notable Battles: Battle with Xadian in Tournament of the Clans. And at least one more that hasn't been written yet.

Background: Ahh, the bane of Xadian Night-Shade. Very Greek mythos. Created by Xadian, and determined to kill Xadian. He doesn't have much backstory. Xadian turned him so that he'd have a good successor. He quite possibly is my second character to ever have two versions of himself running around in different storylines. The first being Xadian. I’m beginning to see why Crow hates Xadian so much, he'd be the first do so much if Xadian weren't around. Anyway, Crow was originally planned to show up as a side character in Xadian Life-Stealer's storyline. I remembered him from the unfinished story and decided he actually looked a lot like Xadian Night-Shade. Voila, instant nemesis.

So, I brought him into a story that was supposed to be pure battle, and pitted him against my second most powerful character alive. Most powerful actually, I don’t consider All-Master Arcanus a full character yet. Anyway, the instant he brought that sword out, it evolved into one of the most significant stories I’ve written to date. The idea behind him stealing that sword is, now it's official. Xadian Night-Shade is almost done for. Basically, Crow stole the sword that goes with Xadian's position in the Vampire Lords. He's destined to take that position now. And it's not like anyone could grab the sword and automatically be entitled. The very fact that Crow is able to touch the sword without Xadian's permission, and wasn't instantly killed by the sword, and that when Xadian tried to call the sword it didn't come, means Crow owns the sword now. Xadian has the position while he's alive, but Crow is going to get it. For now, that means he IS going to kill Xadian. He has to. It's kind of like how in a fairly recent Doctor Who episode, we see the Doctor die, but its really the Doctor from like two hundred years in the future. It means that is the final Doctor. No more. Sorry if I gave away a few spoilers there. Anyway, he loses in Tournament of the Clans, but he'll be back.

Trivia: He's right handed, but trained himself to be ambidextrous like Xadian.

Xadian chose Crow very carefully. Crow had the almost exactly the same description that Xadian had when he was human. Crow was the same height that Xadian was when he was turned, he had brown hair like Xadian did, and his eyes were one shade bluer than Xadian's. Yeah, Xadian wanted a clone apparently.

Surprisingly, Crow's powers didn't take long to manifest. Only six months, compared to Xadian's eight. He's still almost as powerful though. Bit of a fluke.

Crow is absolutely, completely insane. He's the dark side to Xadian. The dark side to my dark side... That's really dark.

Contrary to most insanely insane people, he has no problems functioning normally. He doesn't eat silverware, and he doesn't talk to himself (much). It wouldn't take much to change that though. Crouching tiger, hidden insanity... I hate my own jokes...

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