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Xadian Night-Shade

Xadian Night-Shade (Main Stream)

Type: Full character

Race: Vampire

Rank: Lord

Title: Lord of Absolute Darkness/ Vampiris Eterna

First Appearance: The Organization

Ability/Abilities: Shadows, and maybe other things too? Just have to find out.

Weapons: Twin plain katanas, no special powers, 4.5 feet long each. Two more katanas, known as ShadeSwords, which both amplify powers of darkness. One of them was made specifically for Xadian, the other comes with his position. They were both hidden away, as he's reluctant to use them. Both have black diamonds set in the hilt, with inscriptions in runes carved into the gems.

Age: ???

Description: 5'10, black hair, black eyes, medium build.

Notable Battles: Battle with Crow in Tournament of the Clans, others that have yet to be written.

Background: Ahhh, Xadian Night-Shade. The favorite child. Where can you start with him? He's unique among my characters in several ways. He's the only character to have two (maybe more) versions of himself in two (maybe more) different storylines. He's different in this respect from even his alter ego, Xadian Life-Stealer, because the Xadian in The Organization is the exact same version of Xadian Night-Shade, with the same powers, but with a different backstory and different weapons. Yeah, he still has the sword, and it still came with his position within the Organization, but he only has one, along with the regular katana he usually uses.

The Xadian in all the other stories has an uncertain backstory, which I think would normally be he went to the vampire academy situated in England. (Yes, a vampire academy, it's popped up before.) There, it took several months for him to develop his powers, which is why he's so powerful. The longer it takes, the more powerful you are. He came in second in that department, surpassed only by All-Master Arcanus, also known as my most powerful character ever. (Maybe. I haven’t fleshed his character out very much.) When his powers finally came out, they didn't just pop up. He was pulled into his own mind by the Fate of Powers, one of the beings who hold the destinies of all things in the palm of their hands. This means he's also one of only two characters to meet this Fate and choose their own power. (maybe more, if you're counting Vampire Legacy as canon.) The other person, surprisingly, isn't All-Master Arcanus, who did meet the same Fate, but actually only to have his power/powers bestowed upon him. The other person is FireRaven HollowHeart, whose power required him to choose it. See his bio for more info on that, it probably won't be in any stories. Anyway, Xadian chose shadows, and immediately became one of the most vampires EVER. At the same time as he got his powers, he received from the Fate of Weapons his first ShadeSword, forged by the last Ancient Maker still alive. Shortly thereafter, he was visited by a God. (No, not metaphysical, just an EXTREMELY powerful individual.)

This god wanted the young Xadian to join the ranks of the Gods. (Again, not metaphysical.) Xadian refused, as he wanted to actually be involved with this world, instead of simply watching. The God got mad, considering this an insult. The young Xadian was then attacked on the spot. But, such is his power that he was able to defend himself, without really knowing what he was doing. He fended off the God easily, showing just how powerful he was, even back then. The God fled in shame, and Xadian was able to continue his days at the academy knowing he had just taken down one of the most powerful mortal beings in existence. He participated in many school related hijinks, such as orchestrating the theft of the schools copy of Vampiris Origins, also known as the Vampire Bible, also known as one of the rarest books in existence. (He later gave it back.) Well, he finished off his term at the academy, and immediately joined the ranks of the Vampire Lords, easily earning a seat on the Vampire Council, receiving his second ShadeSword. A long while later, and we arrive at the present, or at least until and unless I come up with a story in that time frame. Tournament of the Clans marks his first fully linear storyline.

The ShadeSwords: ShadeSwords are swords that magnify a shadow wielders powers. The first one, story wise, was in The Organization. It's funny how little details can snowball into huge ideas. I wrote it in as a sidenote to make Xadian have a weapon that could match one that someone wields against him later in the story. The typical description for a ShadeSword is a blade made more of shadows than metal, and a black diamond set in the blade. As seen in Tournament of the Clans, Xadian hid one of his in a cave, because he's weird like that. He doesn't like ultimate power. The other, is hidden somewhere only Xadian can find it, and it can appear in his hand whenever he wants it to. This is the one that was made for him. When taken together, the two turn him into an absolutely unstoppable force. He's been known to win wars like this.

Trivia: He's trained himself to be ambidextrous, but his left hand is slightly stronger, despite him originally being right handed. This gives him an upper hand in most battles, as many people aren't used to fighting people who are left handed.

His original hair color was brown, and he had green eyes originally. These both changed to black when he chose shadows as his power.

He has only one blood-descendant, which is someone that they turned themselves. This is Crow. This also means that he's unusually careful while he's feeding. Xadian turned Crow so that he'd have a successor to his position. He didn't, however, know that Crow would be insane.

Xadian's idol is All-Master Arcanus, mainly because they both took so long to develop their powers. He felt that Arcanus's plight served as an example that good things come to those who wait.

Xadian is blood-son to Khantoul Night-Shade, blood-son himself to Zen Night-Shade, in a bloodline traceable all the way back to Troso the Great. (Nicknames back then left much to be desired.) And Xadian doesn’t let anyone forget his bloodline. Troso was the most powerful of the three original vampires, as well as one of the most powerful vampires ever. Xadian's own power rivals Troso's. They'd probably be a pretty even match, even though Troso has four powers to Xadian's one.

I’ve never really decided how old Xadian is. He's older than a hundred, but he cant be too old for his vampire academy backstory to be plausible. I typically think of him as being in the three hundred to six hundred range, but that doesn’t sit well with his backstory... Meh...

Like all, or at least most, of my Vampire Council, Xadian is based off of a part of myself. His original description, back when he was still human, is based off of myself, and you could say he's my dark side. He's the Xadian to my Lucian... Kind of...

He can make a ton of shadow-puppets. I think I set a limit of fifty... Controlling that many bodies at the same time... He's like the ultimate case of ADHD I guess. He can also create up to five real clones. Years of training, years of training...

He hates the taste of druggies. Makes him kind of drunk. Yeah, even my vampires get to have fun every now and then.

He hates guns too. Thinks they're cheating. He can hit a target at fifty yards though, so I don't know why he hates them.

Xadian is the Vampiris Eterna. I don't think I ever really set a definition for this title. It basically boils down to being the most unbeatable/ most powerful vampire alive. Which he actually isn't, since that would be All-Master Arcanus. He joined the ranks of the Gods though, so he's exempt.

My god this guys gets around. Several stories, each set in what appears to be a separate timeline, that I have to then reconcile. And then my personal goal to somehow work Slender Man into all of these stories.... It's no wonder I never get anything finished, if no one can decide whats what. And then I go and try to reconcile stories that he's not even canonically in, like the ones where he's actually Xadian Life-Stealer. Sometimes I’d just like to drop a nuke on this guy and see if he comes back and kills me for it.

He's actually not in that many stories, compared to Xadian Life-Stealer. And yet, he's my favorite character, and my most fleshed out one at that. He's actually in more stories that were planned but haven't been started yet than actual stories. Weird..

He's gone up against Slender Man... Twice... Enough said...

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